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The main initial challenge

A Romanian producer of exclusively natural cosmetics with a no water formula approached us to help them increase their awareness on the market. The name was Naturale, a very common word for everything which claims to be natural. That is for far too many products.

Our strategic solution

We refreshed one main brand asset, the name, to create a link between the family tradition (Otto family) and the products (all natural) and created a brand story to support the cosmetic range in its efforts to reach, influence and do good for both female and male consumers.  Due to the no water formula the cosmetics offer the perfect pretext for associations with trending habbits such as face fitness, face massage and face yoga. The formula helps the consumer to have a couple of minutes of absolute presence facing the mirror, precious minutes in a fast forward world hit by a strange pandemic.

Our design solution

To ensure a smooth transition towards the new name the brand identity kept close to the previous one focus on pragmatic design elements to improve legibility and information delivery.