Călindar. Branding a new brand of canned fruits and vegetables

Brand Design
Brand Strategy

Alex Star

The main initial challenge

Alex Star, the producer based in Curtea de Arges wanted to introduce an up mainstream brand, for special recipes.

Our Strategic solution

Following the qualitative research we conducted together with our research partners, we came to the conclusion that in the canning goods industry, the moment when the producer is selecting and producing the cans is of main importance. Not by chance, Alex Star is a producer that highly values and encourages the small agricultural businesses that provide their raw fruits and vegetables. So, we came up with the name of Călindar which stands for the natural agricultural calendar, the one followed by people that worked the land, in the old days. The brand name encompasses three subcategories – Legumar, Fructar and Rar, that stands for legumes, fruits and special recipes.

Our Design solution

Călindar’s design is illustration based, carefully and elegantly executed, to capture the delicate personality of nature itself. Our design visually differentiates between the three subcategories.

Calindar product branding
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Calindar product branding