Branding good Transylvanian kraft beer. Package concept & design.

Brand Design
Brand Strategy

Transylvania Brewery

The main initial challenge

We had to build a craft beer brand for a producer located in Transylvania and ended up building more brands with strong Romanian stories which are now ready to be adapted for the market.

Our Strategic solution

Transylvania is an area filled with mystery and stories to be told and beer can be a persuasive message vehicle. Each kind of beer will become a character in a Transylvanian inspired story and each type of beer deserves a name to be called it’s own. We created a story with different types of characters which invite people to take part in the story.

Our Design solution

We designed two different routes for the story with different characters, besides the corporate identity inspired by Transilvanian elements. Both routes can be developed further and enriched with new characters and elements. They are open to bear a different producer name and branding.