Drooler. About friendship between human and dog.

Brand Design
Brand Strategy


The main initial challenge

More a gift than a challenge, this project plunged us into a world of love and affection. We had to create from scracth a new brand in a new market, that of fresh healthy food for very loved dogs.


Our methodology

First, we needed to understand what is going on between humans and their dogs. How do they relate, what makes dog owners special? So, we researched through an online tool and we found out many emotional insights. There are no dog owners, you see, there are dog partners. The research unveiled what we kind of knew and more, that humans love their dogs, that dogs love their food as much as they love their humans. All humans want to be able to provide the best for their dogs as they cherish the love they receive from their dogs.
After the research, we created a brand to express their joy of being together.


The design solution

The name and the identity design go hand in hand to express joy. Drooler – is easy to understand why. The dog you see is beyod drooling, is happy.