Elda. Rebranding a small local dairy range.

Brand Design
Brand Strategy

Elda lactate

The initial challenge

What if your name is made by you but has no connection with your products and you do not know how to differentiate yourself on the market? A small Romanian dairy producer from Dobrogea came to us with the challenge of rebranding them so as to be relevant for the national market, entering in IKA .

Our strategic solution

After a deep dive into the products and dairy market, we discovered a brand new territory which can easily be owned by Elda, the regional Dobrogean roots. Dobrogea is a land with history, a land of legends and a territory in which multiculturalism is the rule. Turkish, Aromani, Romanian, Tatars, they all live heare and have lived here peacefully. This multiculturalist is to be felt in regional dishes as well as in regional traditions of raising sheep. The land is open, the sun is strong and so is the wind. All these imply that dairy products with milk collected from the region has a specific stronger taste. Elda combines the authenticity of the milk with modern safe technology to bring to the table stories and dairy products from Dobrogea. We reinterpreted the brand name, Elda  to become the name of a special character name, of Elda, the great lady of dobrogean dairy.

Our design solution

Elda became a character with traits inspired by Dobrogea landscape, the sun, the legend and abundance. Elda is now both the image and the voice of Elda dairy and speaks about a legendary region from Romania, with specific fields, with fresh green grass and multicultural culinary traditions. www.eldalactate.ro

Elda lactate