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The Challenge

For Pipe Design during the brand audit we conducted for their rebranding process, we found out their need to attract new talent in the company subsequently to build also an employer brand strategy.

Our Strategic solution

As we found out from our internal research (interviews one on one with employees) there is one unique trait Pipe Design employees share and cherish in other people they would like to work with: their passion for engineering. When we say engineering we say all kinds of engineering not only installations, their core business.
This is why we built their employer brand strategy around this insight and created a new platform for engineers – Inginer 24 / Engineer 24, where Pipe Design engineers can meet up with other senior or junior engineers and exchange challenges, problems and solutions, where they can discuss matters for real engineers. We called it Engineer 24 because they are engineers 24 hour a day 7 days a week.

Our design solution

We created a new identity for the platform in conection with the new brand identity we created for the corporate brand Pipe Design. They now work together to build both corporate and business 2 business reputation and employer reputation.
We created a playful and precise graphic territory to keep the unity in communication and an entire communication plan that will bring this new platform to life.
Since we began and in the context of a changing market as pandemic broke we saw great results in making contact with new engineers via Linkdin, which became their top one recruiting tool.

Inginer 24 employer brand
Inginer 24 logo
Inginer 24 grafic
Inginer 24
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Inginer 24