Planteea. Rebranding a natural products retailer in Bucharest

Brand Design
Brand Strategy


The main initial challenge

When faced with consolidating and expanding their retail chain, Planteea approached us to improve their dusty brand identity. Their objective: to become more relevant & appealing to their growing audience.

Our Strategic solution

We began our rebranding project with a brand audit in which we discussed with Planteea employees and some of Planteea customers. We submerged ourselves in the challenging domain of naturist retail and we found out that not only this kind of retail is relevant and appealing for Romanians but more than that, it looks a lot like the pharmaceutical universe. Customers were looking for advices from Planteea employees and also for preventive solutions.

Our Design solution

We encapsulated our brand positioning in Planteea’s claim: “health is in your nature” and we created this fresh, natural and minimal brand identity, which is both “pharmaceutical pristine” and close to the natural world specific to this domain.

Planteea Logo
Plantee Magazin
Planteea Magazin
Planteea magazin