Nordstar Logistik. Rebranding for a dynamic logistics company

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Nordstar Logistik

The main initial challenge

Nordstar Logistik undergoes a process of development of a new service, an IT app which will forever change the company workflow. This new service is both strong and innovative and will change Nordstar Logistik position on the European market, entering a new segment that of IT solutions for logistics. The main challenge was to find the best approach of this new services, should it turn into a new brand or should the company brand change?

Our Methodology

In order to gain in depth knowledge of Nordstar Logistik’s different stakeholders, we managed a BRAND AUDIT in which we discussed one on one with employees, partners, suppliers. We discovered a trustworthy, complex and innovative company brand, flexible with all its stakeholders, anchored in strong human values shared by Nordstar team. We also discovered a fracture between the visionary management team and the operational team, as well as a reluctance of some stakeholders to new technologies.

Our Strategic solution

Bring forth the innovation and flexibility of Nordstar Logistik while keeping the human touch and conciliating the different visions under one unique direction. We did that by rebranding the entire company and creating an internal brand architecture with different divisions. For each division we built a slightly different identity derived from the main monolith Nordstar Logistik brand. The innovative new service became one of the main divisions under the name of Nordstar One.
We also organized a brand induction workshop to present and include all team members in the process in order to create cohesion and engagement with the newly defined company vision.

Our Design solution

The visual identity created is bold and young and uses the dynamic tools of logistics to create visually pleasant rhythm and order. The visual territory is based on motion and simple elements which constantly deliver the messages of Nordstar Logistik’ division.