Promenada. Integrated communication for a smart shopping mall during 2014-2016

Brand Communication


The main initial challenge

As Promenada shopping mall was in it’s first two years, we had to define a brand new communication strategy and platform in line with its brand positioning and able to drive traffic. The shopping mall is in itself different as it does not have a cinema or entertainment area, which are traffic drivers for shopping malls in general. The positioning of the mall is also special, in the rich North area, having mainly office buildings and very little residential area.

Our Strategic solution

We redefined entertainment in Promenada’s very specific context and built a communication platform based on one of the mall’s beautiful and underrated places – the rooftop terrace. We wanted people to understand the special thing the terrace is, a green place in the middle of not green office buildings with many entertainment possibilities and a positive state of mind. That is what being ON Promenada / PE Promenada meant.

The communication platform ON Promenada / PE Promenada brought the needed energy for an entire summer campaign. This summer I am ON / Vara asta sunt PE was the first and biggest campaign in which we integrated both the brand message as well as many tactical campaigns with different objectives.

We coordinated all teams, from client, to online, media and video production and called out the fun ON Promenada. ON Promenada / PE Promenada soon became an expression, still in use today.