Alex Star. Portfolio architecture and branding for an honest Romanian canned fruits and vegetables producer

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Alex Star

The main initial challenge

An established Romanian producer, Alex Star needed to refresh it’s main brand and also a secondary brand they had, Tomina, available exclusively in Kaufland.

Our Strategic solution

We first needed to understand the consumer, so we conducted a qualitative research to see who they are and what they need and what they think of Alex Star and it’s competitors. Following the research we dared our client to do more and reorganize its brand portfolio by introducing a new brand in their architecture, targeting the up mainstream segment and consolidate the main brand (value for money brand) in the portfolio with a fresh upgrade of the product identity. For each brand in the portfolio we created a distinctive brand strategy and all together they work towards a consolidated portfolio objective.

Our Design solution

We created the corporate and product identity for Alex Star and hundreds of packaging labels for hundreds of products. The product design was carefully upgraded so as to keep close the consumer and manage to bring forth the new strategy plus a fresh look. We are now continuing to communicate and build a community of consumers loyal to Alex Star and good cooking habits.