Furnicuta. Product branding for basic goods useful in any kitchen

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Lucsor Impex

The main initial challenge

Furnicuța was, initially, just a name. What to do with a product brand that knows how to bring the best basic ingredients but knows not their customer or what it wants to say?

Our Strategic solution

We got close to our targeted audience and understood the need for smart advice for everyday life, even before this became a trend, especially on the cooking arena. We built Furnicuța as a smart and modern working character /woman, who knows what to do, when and why. Furnicuța. Knows. Does. Bakes. / Furnicuta. Stie. Face. Coace.

Our Design solution

We created an empathetic and wholesome character, able to encompass all the knowledge necessary to a household for these modern times we live in. The colors are daring, the packaging is pretty so you like how it looks in your kitchen and calls you up in the store.