Inmedio. Rebranding an international convenience chain

Brand Design
Brand Strategy

Lagardere Travel Retail

The main initial challenge

Inmedio is a convenience store retail concept very popular in Central and Eastern Europe and needed a strategy to addapt to the fast changing pace of the market and of the consumer, transitioning from convenience stores relying on printed press and tobacco sales to a wider range of product categories.

Am fost alaturi de ei intr-un amplu proces de cercetare, in urma caruia am lucrat impreuna la strategia de repozitionare, rebranding si implementare a rebrandingului in cateva magazine pilot.

Our Strategic solution

We took part in a wide international research followed by a repositioning strategy, a rebranding and pilot testing. Our strategic solution worked first of all in reorganizing the product categories in store, to match different needs of the consumers in distinctive shopping areas, so that Inmedio could become the store where you will also find quickinspiration.

Our Design solution

We worked on the new premises to solve some of the problems identified in the research stage, to turn Inmedio in more than the “red store” and bring a more energetic approach to the store design, defining the different shopping areas with color and words. We implemented the new concept in 2 pilot locations in Bucharest.