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Pipe Design

The main initial challenge

Pipe Design, an extremely innovative installations engineering business was not represented anymore by their identity and had difficulties in attracting new talent. Most of the times, engineering work has an invisible quality although its impact is huge on all beneficiaries, from developers to people working in the buildings. We needed to find the right way to express Pipe Design unique personality and make it attractive for prospective employees.

Our Strategic solution

We conducted an internal brand audit, talking to all the engineers involved in Pipe Design projects, but also with their partners and stakeholders. That is how we understood and encapsulated the importance of “proud to be an engineer”and defined Pipe Design main differentiators, among which creativity and innovation stood high. In order to build a strong employer brand we formulated a new brand mantra for Pipe Design and created a special program dedicated to attracting talent, Engineer 24 / Inginer 24.

Our Design solution

As a visual solution, our brand design summarises in a geometrical, mathematical and creative way, the “pride of being an engineer”. While the corporate brand, Pipe Design plays with the different creative stylized installations, the Engineer 24 program identity keeps the main corporate color and ads a playful and flexible new visual territory.

Pipe Design logo
Pipe Design logo
PipeDesign logo
Pipe Design logo
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Pipe Design poster
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