EXAMINERS – EECENTRE. Rebranding one of the main competitors of the British Council in Romania

Brand Consultancy
Brand Design
Brand Strategy


The main initial challenge

The competitor of British Council for Cambridge English exams challenged us to step up their game and become visible as main challengers of the famous British institution, in a consistent manner both internally and externally.

Our Strategic solution

We conducted a thorough Brand Audit and spoke to key employees and key examiners in the country as well as different schools. The Audit resulted in a recommendation to change the name as well as the visual identity, and become more relevant for a younger and more ambitious audience. Our strategic solution was to define them directly by what they truly are, some very professional and dedicated examiners with consistent rules and methodology, but with a human approach towards students.

Our Design solution

The design mixes the seriousness of the new name with the daring new visual language and imagery, inspired by the domain itself. We created visual elements to correspond with language elements used in their daily work and played with them in a bold manner to become relevant and appealing to young people.