Topoloveni. Rebranding the most famous plum jam on the market

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Brand Strategy
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The main initial challenge

How can you bring outside the qualities of the product inside the jar and tell a story that began long before the product itself? This was the challenge in rebranding the only plum jam at that point in time, made after a traditional registered recipe. And how can you translate the benefits for a wider range of products?

Our Strategic solution

Being a well known product, with a reputation on the market we proposed a journey into the past of the original recipe for plum jam in the special area of Topoloveni. We drew our inspiration from ancient art in the region and used the name of the region, Topoloveni, as an anchor for a new brand, Topoloveana, to welcome more delicious recipes into the family.

Our Design solution

The sun is an old sun, which shone over Topoloveni over the last hundreds of years. We stylized the old sun and made it our own distinctive figure, to express both the quality of the plums and the tradition of jam making.