Rebranding the logistics of the future – Nordstar Logistik Rebranding

Already shaping consumer-oriented industries such as retail, entertainment and travel, digital tools become forces that now have the power to change commercial-oriented industries. Road freight, which is highly fragmented and dominated by manual processes, finds itself at this junction point. Facing a whole portfolio of new opportunities for cost reduction, offering differentiation and business model re-shaping, world-wide road freight professionals discover it is time to embrace what digital innovation can really do.

The story of a new direction.

Years ago, Nordstar Logistik started working on a brand-new digital solution. A solution to accommodate more work, to make more money and more time. They needed room in their organisation for topics such as personal objectives and growth. So they started an in-depth mapping of their organisation needs, based on which they developed a new  solution: a custom digital tool, which comes with that extra-intelligence needed to integrate platforms and softwares used until then for specific, uncorrelated parts of the whole process.

“We aimed to develop a circular, collaborative model, highly adaptable to everyone’s needs.”

Andrei Duduman, Business Development Manager, Nordstar Logistik.

And it worked! By this point they already realised once they accomplish this, others will be able to benefit from it as well as their organisation. They realised that by managing to embed their actions as freighters into coherent, well-conceived digital game-plan, they became able to help others play in this new field. This is how Nordstar One was born and how we got together to give shape to a new identity.

A broad road, going from internal to external change.

One thing Nordstar Logistik knew, that no digital tool will change the importance of human connections. As they were developing their game-changing tool, the tool was already and discretely changing the core of the organization. They realized that the change is bigger, and it must be understood and expressed.

That was the point where we came into the game.Together we started a complex rebranding process. The internal audit – first component, confirmed our intuitions about the impact of change, while also revealing some aspects hard to see at a glance. We discovered that digital transformation had already become part of Nordstar Logistik DNA. This was the fueling force behind this young organization.

The audit also uncovered a flexible core of Nordstar Logistik, which paired with their new digital tool in giving the drive to step up to a role in shaping the logistic market in Europe.

The people working together fuelling the organization’s flexible core, their vision for the future, manifesting into their own newly developed digital solution, both found their way into the design process that shaped a new brand image and structure.
We defined and gave face to their new divisions: Nordstar Freight, Nordstar Control Tower and Nordstar One.

As we reshaped the company’s experience and vision into brand power, they are now set up on a path to open up towards their industry, partners and clients. Always in very close contact with their drivers and their needs, we are as well in coaction with their partners, towards their needs. By using technology, they now make time for deeper levels of interaction and bring a whole new perspective for their activity.

How design meets digital change

Once the vision stood clear, the design came naturally to express the flexible digital core of Nordstar divisions. Subtle animations and repetition of shapes define now the new visual territory for Nordstar. They come to life in all digital channels as well as in enveloping materials through Nordstar’s employees and partners journey.

“Our whole team felt the effects of landscape change, the way it presented to us, the ways we bonded together to act on change. As we were in this process of growth, adapting and creation, we were changing. We slowly grew an idea of no longer fitting our predefined patterns. We needed a new shape to manifest into, sufficiently individualised to grip us, comfortable enough to encourage further growth. Rebranding acted as an ointment of our new mechanics.”

Liviu Șelaru, Purchase Manager Nordstar Logistik