We believe in the creative power of Romanian producers, whom we support with the experience we have developed in understanding the consumer behaviour of Romanians and in the design of authentic Romanian brands.

We strengthen traditional brands and family businesses in Romania through professional brand consultancy, consumer research and communication services.

Autentic is a tool dedicated to businesses proud of their Romanian tradition.

Recommended for:

Small and medium-sized Romanian manufacturing companies in any field.
It is for you if:

  • You have a product brand for which you need a brand identity and packaging solution
  • You have a product brand portfolio for which you need a brand portfolio strategy in line with your objectives


Together with our partners, Unlock Market Research and The Mavericks, we support Romanian producers through a modular package of services to support the creation and growth of healthy Romanian brands.


What we do:

  • 2 meetings where we will discuss your specific goals and needs, context, market, consumer;
  • Market audit, in which we will research the consumer and the market online;
  • Brand strategy, which will include the brand story tailored to your market realities and objectives.


We know that the process of naming brands in the portfolio is sometimes difficult and involves important decisions with long-term impact.
In case you haven’t reached the ideal naming solution for any of your product brands, we suggest:

  • 5 name proposals that reflect your brand strategy;
  • Check all proposed names in the OSIM and Euipo catalogues.

Visual identity &
packaging design

This stage includes:

  • 2 visual identity and packaging design proposals in line with the brand strategy
  • Each proposal will include a logo, graphic territory, packaging concept and application of the design in the packaging
  • Each proposal will be exemplified by application on at least 3 representative products from the portfolio


Will include:

  • Design – for homepage & 2 interior pages
  • Text processing for the website
  • Website programming – backend & frontend

Training for marketing and

We know that it is sometimes difficult for a single marketer or sales department to manage the transition from product orientation to consumer orientation, we welcome Romanian producers with 2 training modules to lay the foundations for a correct organization of marketing and consumer orientation.

  • ABC marketing for Romanian producers

  • Online promotion for Romanian producers

Contact us for detailed training offers.