More than 60% of candidates decide to apply for a job based on employer reputation. In this context, employer brand becomes a necessity, a goal.

To attract valuable new employees and motivate those already working in the company, a coherent employer brand strategy and a set of actions that create positive experiences for them is needed. These will be reflected in increased productivity, profitability, while reducing recruitment and retention costs.

Recommended for:

Medium and large companies, manufacturers or service providers.
It is for you if:

You need medium and long-term solutions for attracting and retaining talent in your company.


We partnered with Unlock Market Research and Brain 4 Strategy to develop a working methodology based on informed research and communications expertise.


What we do:

  • We meet with you to set goals;
  • We write the personalised discussion guide that will form the basis of the interviews;
  • One-on-one interviews with up to 15 people (face-to-face, online video or telephone);
  • Online desk research to assess the perception of the employer externally;
  • Online quantitative research for people in the organisation, including measurement of employee satisfaction.* OPTIONAL


What it includes:

Tailored to each individual project, the report will answer several questions:

  • How do employees relate to the organization?
  • What do employees want from the organization?
  • What actions can we implement to change the organisation for the better?


What it includes:

Organisation of a 1-day workshop for up to 15 participants, during which we will moderate, ask questions, challenge you.

Employer brand

Corroborating the findings of the analysis report and the conclusions of the workshop, we will build the brand strategy and recommendations on at least three levels: BRANDING, PR and HR;

The BRANDING component will include: the brand promise, values and story, strategic employer brand messages for internal and external communication and recommendations impacting the organisational identity (e.g. special platforms for internal communication, brand engagement programmes);

The PR component will include recommendations for external employer brand communication actions (e.g. campaigns to increase employer reputation, tactical campaigns to raise visibility of opportunities in the organisation, etc.);

The HR component will include recommendations for specific HR actions (e.g. recruitment campaigns, retention campaigns, etc.).

Communication material
basic package

It includes:

COMPANY PRESENTATION – A company presentation useful for both internal and external communication. It will include the organisation’s profile, brand story and key arguments for creating an employer reputation.

EMPLOYEE WELCOME PACK – Introducing new employees to the world of the organisation’s brand. The package includes: electronic brand induction brochure (company presentation + internal details about the organisation, electronic signature, business card, screen saver).

ONLINE BRAND ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM* – Creating a communication and resource channel for the internal team *OPTIONAL