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  • Market opportunity & portfolio analysis
  • Exploratory workshop - insights & discovery
  • Brand Audit
  • Research consultancy
  • Brand induction workshop

Purpose: to evaluate the opportunity of new brand or brand changes in your company’s portfolio.
Recommended for companies with a range of products or services or with multibrand portfolios
What we do:
→ competitive analysis
→ company & sales data / product analysis
→ audience analysis
→ market trends
→ recommendations


Purpose: to discover and identify opportunities from within the company & to engage the team in the transformative process of a rebranding or change in brand strategy.
Recommended for companies engaged in a rebranding or a repositioning process, or in a definition of their employer branding. The workshop is also suitable for large marketing teams and their advertising partners to generate new insight for advertising campaigns.
What we do:
→ workshop agenda and exercises
→ workshop moderator
→ workshop wrap up report & conclusions


Purpose: to have a 360 degrees evaluation of your brand.
Recommended for companies which either want to define their current status, the perception of their brand from within and without or for companies who need to evaluate their brand before an important change such as rebranding, pivoting to other markets or a new employer approach.
What we do:
→ interviews one on one with key stakeholders: employees, management, partners, clients
→ desk analysis of your company brand and competitors and their communication
→ a brand audit report which will underline your divergence and convergence points as well as recommendations for improvement



Purpose: to gather the right data needed to take the best informed decisions, to make research data actionable and easy to understand.
Recommended for all companies who understand the importance of research, especially for product brands, opening new categories or entering existing ones.
What we do:
→ we work together with you to set the right research objectives
→ we recommend the right kind of research or the right mix
→ we recommend research solutions from our partners
→ we monitor research process
→ we evaluate and interpret the research report


Purpose: to get your brand a good start inside your company & team, to make everybody part of your changing process.
Recommended for large and small companies, especially for service companies or large teams.
What we do:
→ workshop agenda
→ workshop presentation of new strategy / new brand
→ workshop moderation
→ wrap up report
→ if needed, all the organization (location, catering etc.)

  • Brand purpose
  • Naming & Brand Rhetorics
  • Brand portfolio architecture
  • Brand engagement strategy

Purpose: to give your company more than a positioning on the market, to identify the higher objective for which everything is set in motion, that one thing that can both motivate your organization and bring value to your business. The Brand idea and Brand Platform will provide the strategic framework for all brand actions to build a coherent, clear and consistent brand.
Recommended for all companies and brands, be it big or small, new or mature.
What we do:
→ Based on all available research and data, on previous brand audit, on an extended and custom analysis of your specific field, of your company and products or services, of competitors, their discourse and identities, on a thorough briefing process with key decision makers, we formulate your brand strategy.
→ The brand strategy will be a presentation comprising the corporate brand purpose, the brand idea and brand platform (values, personality, tone of voice) and all reasons to believe the above.


Purpose: to have the right name for your new brand, to find a better name for your mature brand.
Recommended for new brands with no name and for brands which need to change their name from various reasons. Best after formulating the brand strategy.
What we do:
→ Based on your brand strategy, we create names to best express the long term strategy, to represent your brand properly and proudly
→ We provide name proposals which are memorable, available for registration and which best fit your brand strategy


Purpose: to make sure your portfolio is aligned with your strategy.
Recommended for companies who handle multiple categories or multiple brands portfolios
What we do:
→ Based on your objectiver, brand strategy and previous audit and research, we formulate your portfolio objectives
→ We analyse all sales and brand data available and provide recommendations for restructuring or refocusing of your portfolio. This may mean you need to give up a certain brand to make room for growth, or to change a brand’s positiong and role in your portfolio. We also spot the opportunities for new brands or new categories to be added in order to reach your business objectives.


Purpose: to make people engage with your brand.
Recommended for all types of companies and brands for internal or external audiences
What we do:
→ Based on your brand strategy and on previous analysis of the market, the competition and the audiences, we articulate our recommendations to bring your brand forward to talk to the people who matter, when it matters, saying what is relevant for them. You may also call this a communication strategy with a focus on creating a real dialogue and getting reactions from the people you talk to.

  • Corporate identity
  • Packaging
  • Brand guidelines
  • WEB design

Purpose: to give a visual body to your brand strategy; to create an entire visual territory representative for your brand.
Recommended for product and service companies alike which need to enforce their new or renewed brand strategy
What we do:
→ Based on the previously defined brand strategy, we make the design brief
→ Our design team researches the visual ground of your market and comes up with a design strategy
→ Together with our design team we draft our design proposals
→ We then present it all to you. We present between 2 or 3 design ideas expressed through logo, visual territory and a set of examples of branded materials so you can feel the proposals at work, in materials relevant for your company
→ We choose one of the proposals and fine tune it (first to rounds of fine tunings are enclosed in your first estimate) and then deliver the identity kit to you
→ The identity kit comprises: logo, visual territory, examples of applications and basic rules of your new corporate identity – and their editables for further use.


Purpose: To make your products speak and stand out in their market, on the shelves, in online retail and in households. Good package design is the most efficient media, it sells and makes direct contact with your customers.
Recommended for companies handling one or multiple product brands, for retail brands be it low, mainstream or premium.
What we do:
→ Based on the previously defined brand and portfolio strategy and on consumer research (if available) we make the design brief
→ The design brief will include your brand name and brand rethorics previously defined (such as category names, slogans and so on)
→ Our design team researches the visual ground of your market and comes up with a design strategy and concepts
→ Together with our design team we draft our design proposals
→ We then present it all to you. We present between 2 or 3 design packaging concepts expressed through concept and definition of concept expressed in a set of packaging examples covering your key products or categories.
→ We choose one of the concepts and fine tune it (first to rounds of fine tunings are enclosed in your first estimate)
→ We then adapt the concepts to all your brand categories and products (this can be different depending on the chosen concept – it may include different illustrations, differentiation through colours, through rethorics
→ We include all needed information, check it, double chechk it and prepare everything for print (respecting your mandatories)


Purpose: to have a beautifully designed brand tool to help your team and your agencies stir the brand communication in a coherent manner.
Recommended for company brands
What we do:
→ We create a structure and develop the content of the manual. The manual will include the brand mantra, values, positioning, promise, brand identity kit (logo, visual territory, fonts, colors) and rules of good use, examples of branded materials (according to each company’s needs)
→ We design the manual to express the brand strategy and identity
→ We give you all the editables and tools to work with
→ We print it on demand


Purpose: to have a coherent digital journey.
Recommended for company brands as well as for product brands or campaign landing pages
What we do:
→ we create a wireframe to meet the communication objectives
→ we create the webdesign of each important page
→ upon request, we write all texts for your online presence
→ upon request, we do the backend and frontend programming and website optimization with one of our webdevelopment partners

  • Brand management services
  • Brand communication

Purpose: to implement your new and beautiful branding in the entire brand universe or certain marketing and communication campaigns to bring the strategy to life.
Recommended for medium companies with a small marketing team or all companies in need of a smooth transition to your new or renewed brand
What we do:
→ we plan
→ we budget
→ we monitor, adjust, evaluate
→ we report back to you


Purpose: to bring your company or product brand close to your target audiences by delivering the right messages at the right time to the right people in a compelling manner.
Recommended for both new or old brands, be it corporate or product brands
What we do:
→ First we evaluate your objectives and needs
→ Based on the previously designed communication strategy we generate a communication plan and campaigns


Brand Consultancy

A real brand is for real people, This means it brings value to your business as well as to its audiences, by being relevant and present. All of our projects start with a good understanding of your company / product, of the market context and audiences.

We start by designing a custom methodology for you in which we may include a BRAND AUDIT and, when needed, market RESEARCH recommendations or WORKSHOPS. We have a strong anchor in our research expertise and have formed strong partnerships with the best market research professionals on the market.
Our different tools for exploration will help you uncover the real needs of your company and brand as well as valuable insights from within our outside your organization.

Brand Strategy

We use all the insights and data discovered to articulate the BRAND STRATEGY and, when needed, the PORTFOLIO ARCHITECTURE. A sound brand strategy will create the backbone for all your brand’s future development and for value building on the long run. It will also establish your brand’s greater PURPOSE as well as it’s all inclusive narrative to ensure consistent brand communication and activations.

We are strategists by nature and make sure that you receive a comprehensive BRAND STRATEGY based on our expertise as well as on previous brand audit discoveries.

You may also need during this stage a new BRAND NAME and BRAND RHETORICS.
We make sure that your brand not only speaks it’s mind but it does so speaking the language of your audiences.
For some brands out there, this may be the step we start discussing about BRAND ENGAGEMENT and EMPLOYER BRANDING.

We build a custom strategy to create the needed space for your brand to start a real dialogue with your stakeholders.

Brand Design

The visual identity is the peak of our strategy work and will give shape to all the words in the brand strategy.
When we talk CORPORATE IDENTITY our aim is to create a visual identity which will help your organization grow and create strong bonds with its stakeholders. We don’t just design a logo, we create a visual ecosystem which will make your corporate brand relatable and expressive about your purpose. From logo, visual territory, fonts, colors to associated imagery, all visual elements create your brand’s own visual universe, distinctive, functional and flexible so as to accommodate your long term business objectives. Our design team is skilled to approach design projects from many different perspectives. We can easily discuss minimalist design, rich illustration, 3D or phantastic photography and we make sure we curate our design talent
resources to match your project.

When we conceive a PACKAGE DESIGN project our aim is to make your products communicate right from the shelves and use efficiently the most important point of contact with your customers. Often, a good package design can disrupt the category rules and raise the bar while saying your brand story.
We combine our design and functional skills to create the package design your product needs and your customers will love.

A BRAND MANUAL / GUIDELINES is an important tool for your organization and marketing team. It is in itself a design object expressing your brand and gathers the most important information and tools which will be needed by everybody working with your brand. A brand manual must be a living tool and allow future developments of your brand identity.

In these times one of the most important and accessible points of contact with your audiences is the digital realm, which is why we provide WEB DESIGN and web implementation services to make sure your online presence is accurate and in accordance with your business and brand’s objectives.

Brand Management & Communication

Building a brand is also about presence. It is not enough to have the right structure and the right identity, you must get your brand into the real world, to get it’s message to reach your real people.
We create BRAND COMMUNICATION strategies as well as creative platforms to start your brand on its way or to gain new employees, new customers or new partners.
We are interested in being a part of your brand development and can develop and implement integrated communication campaigns, working with you side by side. This is why we partner with media shops, video production agencies, photographers, architects, artists and others as such.

Over time we discovered that many companies don’t have time or resources to care about their new or renewed brands and we created our BRAND MANAGEMENT services from the desire to see the new brand catch life.
If you don’t have a marketing department or a dedicated brand manager for a new brand, our team is ready to take on the challenge and provide you with an external marketing team you can resort to for your current marketing activities or for special campaigns. We managed for our clients their day to day marketing activities or complex pitches to employ the best creative teams as well as brand management consultancy whenever needed.

what our partners say about us:

Colaborand cu Noeland, am descoperit o noua viziune, a ceea ce inseamna brandul Felicia. Suntem recunoscatori pentru proactivitatea si sustinerea primita de la Denisa si Andreea, in acest proiect. Credem ca noua identitate va creste brandul nostru in comunitatea ieseana. Multumim, Noeland!

Cosmina Hanganu, CBRE Romania | Asset Services | Felicia Shopping Center

Working with Noeland is equivalent to making amazing artwork using the tools of mathematics.

When we met the team we were a boat drifting aimlessly towards a never ending horizon. They skillfully took control and together we managed to sail to safe land.

We got a solid branding packed with various tools making us communicate with our existing clients and potential new ones the right way.

One of our best decisions since our company got into existence was to hire Noeland.

Eugen Mandric, CEO Pipe Design

Working with Noeland has been a very natural decision for us as we know Andreea and Denisa long enough so as to have the guarantee of a very efficient collaboration. They got to know thoroughly our style, our needs and desires, our vision related to brand building and Unlock style. But besides that, we always appreciated their empathy and flexibility, their desire to connect authentically to the real DNA of the brands they work with and their willingness to upgrade their work in every project we had. We feel that
Noeland is one of the few branding agencies on the market that enliven brands with emotions, not just with engines and looks .”

Adina Vlad, Partener Unlock Market Research

Am apelat la Andreea Lupu intr-un moment in care compania pe care o conduc isi cauta o noua identitate – atat interna, cat si externa, in fata clientilor si competitorilor -, in urma achizitiei recente al carei obiect fusese compania noastra. Cu profesionalism, blandete, umor, dar si mana forte, Andreea a reusit sa captureze ‘the smell of the place’, punctele forte, dar si slabiciunile culturii organizatiei noastre si sa ne ajute, intr-un melange inedit de training & workshop, sa ne definim si sa internalizam cine vrem si avem nevoie sa fim. O recomanda atat maturitatea personala, cat si experienta indelungata in construirea de identitate de brand si de portofoliu.

Alina Stepan, Managing partner Ipsos Research Romania

Inainte de a fi Zimbria eram doar niste producatori de produse bune din Galati. In urma procesului de rebranding cu Noeland am devenit proprietari ai unui brand.

Marius & Maria Verdesi, Owneri Zimbria