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our purpose:

We build Real brands for Real People.

Real brands are assets for real businesses, such as yours, bringing value to the business and to their target audiences.
Real people are the reason we are all here. We are among them and we know them through different research tools.

our approach:

We are genuine partners

We value our clients & partners’ needs & motivations, their mandatories and objectives.
Our methodology starting point is a deep dive in understanding your company, your brand portfolio, all taking into account your business objectives. Our project management process keeps close to you all through the project and after the project is completed.

We are strategic thinkers

We are senior branding consultants with applied research knowledge and our own research tools.
This is how we really get to know the individual, the consumer, the employee, the REAL PEOPLE.
Our methodology will guide you through the funnel, from the larger perspective of your business in the market to the detailed perspective of an employee or a consumer.

We are creative & strategic designers.

When the strategy is clear and crisp, design will follow.
We always choose the best designer for each project and build visual identity ecosystems to embody the strategy. Our designers love that the projects are right for them and our clients that the design is what their business needs.

We are real

This means that we know life is not always as planned and we adapt to the realities of each project.
We are flexible and we find the best solutions to rise your brand up to any challenge.

our team:

Hello, we are Noeland.

Pleased to meet you.

partner brand manager

Denisa Popescu

partner brand consultant

Andreea Lupu

senior designer

Bogdan Diaconu

associate business developer & pm

Delia Muntean

communication strategist

Ioana Tomescu

senior designer

Maria Zurbagiu

senior designer

Krisztina Mayer

web development

Bogdan Ana

audio video production

Ștefan Shultz

print & collaterals production

Mihaela Țone

senior designer

Diana Papuc

research partners

the best on the market

artistic partners

young artists & illustrators