Often members of a team work towards the same goal but use different words so it seems they disagree.

By working together in the workshop we help them to come to a common denominator and feel involved in the decisions that will be made in the company.

Recommended for:

Companies big or small in need of internal brand alignment.


Objectives & agenda

What we do:

  • A meeting in which we agree on goals.
  • Based on the objectives we make the workshop agenda including personalised team exercises and objectives.
  • Exercises can be individual or team exercises. They are creative exercises that encourage participants to think. differently  to find new solutions. Team exercises are thus designed to achieve consensus among participants.


Throughout the workshop 2 facilitators guide participants in completing the exercises. Thanks to their experience as brand consultants, the 2 moderators point out the essential elements of brand DNA when needed.

Depending on the objectives set at the beginning, the moderators will insist on reaching consensus on the most important aspects so that they are reflected in the final report and participants feel involved in the decisions following the workshop.

Wrap-up report &

Following the workshop we will prepare a report including:

  • The results of the exercises, such as the values and the relationship of the brand values to the company brand
  • A map of the ideal company brand versus the actual / real company brand
  • Agreement on the main brand associators
  • Points of tension identified in the team regarding brand objectives
  • Our recommendations for turning findings into action

Logistics upon request
(location, catering)

On request, we organise the workshop down to the smallest details, from location to catering, gifts for participants, photos of workshop participants, etc.